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September/October, 2012 Newsletter

Editor: Dennis O’Connell







Commander Richard Bugbee (AZ)
Phone 480 986-0304

Email: dadbug37@gmail.com

Senior Vice Commander Dave May (OH)
1st Junior Vice Commander
Carroll Prosser (SC)

2nd Junior Vice Commander Gary Traynor (WI)
3rd Vice Commander James Hogan (CA)

4th Junior Vice Commander Stephen Moffitt (RI)

Judge Advocate & Immediate Past Commander Dennis O’Connell (NY)
Chaplain Rev. Tony Martino (IL)
Phone 847 736 2111

Adjutant/Treasurer Paul Kaminsky (FL) (also webmaster)

Phone 904 291-0576
email: pkjax@kaminsky.com


If you know of any member who is sick or deceased please inform one of the officers whose contact information is listed above.




Rev. Anthony Martino

25016 87th St
Salem, WI 53168
(262) 843-1450



Charles Brooks Kissimmee, FL

Carroll Prosser Surfside Beach, SC

Thomas Zampieri Rockville, MD




The Disabled American Veterans held their National Convention in Las Vegas, NV. An excellent event again topped off with the performance of Gary Sinise with his Lt. Dan Band. This year there was a special appearance from Vice President Biden. 

Friday, August 3, 2012 the Blind Veterans National Chapter #1 annual reunion held its first business meeting at 9:00 am. At 4:00 pm the second business meeting was held.

Roll call of officers followed the opening invocation given by Rev. Tony Martino, and the Pledge led by Adjutant Paul Kaminsky. Officers present were Commander Bugbee, 1st Jr. Vice Commander Moffitt, 3rd Jr. Vice Commander Hogan, Judge Advocate O’Connell, Chaplin Rev. Martino, and Adjutant/Treasurer Kaminsky.  Sr. Vice Wallace, 2nd Jr. Vice Commander Burgess, and 4th Jr. Vice Commander Farley were excused absent. Delegates present were Dennis O’Connell, Steve Moffitt, Gary Traynor, and Jim Hogan.  Alternate delegates present Rev Tony Martino, Paul Kaminsky, and Richard Bugbee.

Following the reading and approval of the previous reunions meeting minutes, the Treasurer’s Report was given. Following is the brief summary of the annual treasury report:

Blind Veterans National Chapter #1

Balance Sheet

As Of June 30, 2012 


Total Assets                                         $ 127,974.22

Liabilities & Securities


               Opening Balance Equity:                  $ 148,655.72

               Income:                                           $   15,551.84

               Expenses:                                      ($   36,233.34)

          Total Equity:                                      $127,974.22

Total Liabilities & Securities                         $127,974.22


Several business items were also discussed during the business meetings.  Noted was that for the fourth consecutive year the Chapter had met its membership goal and received a fourth flag pendant from National Headquarters.

Commander Bugbee assigned committee responsibilities to the members present as were deemed necessary. Convention Committee Assignments: Dennis O’Connell (Primary) Carroll Prosser (ALT):  General Resolutions; Gary Traynor (Pri), Dave May (ALT):  Legislation & Vet Benefits: Steve Moffitt (Pri), Richard Bugbee (ALT): Nominations; Rev Tony Martino:  Constitution & Bylaws; Jim Hogan:  Hospital and Voluntary Services; Paul Kaminsky:  Credentials.  All Primary and Alternate attended all assigned committee meeting and all convention business meetings.

The following individuals were elected or re-elected to the noted office position:

Commander:   Richard Bugbee (Arizona) (Re-elected)

Sr. Vice Commander:  Dave May (Ohio) (Elected)

1st Jr. Vice Commander:  Carroll Prosser South Carolina) (Elected)

2nd Jr. Vice Commander: Gary Traynor (Wisconsin) (Elected)

3rd Jr. Vice Commander:  James Hogan (California) (Re-elected)

4th Jr. Vice Commander:  Stephen Moffitt (Rhode Island) (Elected)

Judge Advocate:  Dennis O’Connell (New York) (Re-elected)

Chaplin:  Rev. Anthony Martino (Wisconsin) (Re-elected)

          All officers were installed Monday August 6, 2012 and the Chapter’s Installation Breakfast.  Honored guest National Commander’s and Adjutant’s Association Adjutant/Treasurer Dave Tanenbaum conducted the oath of office services.

The closing event of the DAV National Convention was an evening where we attended the presentation of our new National Officers.  We then had dinner followed by entertainment. Plan next year to attend in Orlando, FL from August 10 - 13 2013 (Hilton Orlando, 6001 Destination Parkway), and enjoy a terrific and well planned event. In closing following is our new DAV National Officers for 2012 - 2013:

The newly elected National Commander Larry A. Polzin (California).  The other national DAV line officers elected are Sr. Vice Commander Joseph W. Johnston, 1st Jr. Vice Commander Ron Voegeli, 2nd Jr. Vice Commander Ron Hope, 3rd Jr. Vice Commander Moses A. McIntosh Jr., and 4th Jr. Vice Commander David W. Riley. Michael E. Dobmeier was re-elected as National Judge Advocate, and Ronald R. Ringo Jr. was elected National Chaplain.


Hope to see you next year!!




We’ve all been taught the consequences of the U.S. Civil War since childhood. How it led to the emancipation of slaves, solidified state and federal rights, and further made the case for women’s suffrage. But the unprecedented carnage of the war also transformed the attitude of how the nation honors its military dead; a tradition now indelible to the American spirit. That was the premise behind a talk given by Harvard University President Dr. Drew Faust at VA central office in Washington. Through her research, Dr. Faust found that the Civil War fundamentally changed the way our country handled death on the battlefield. Both the Union and Confederacy were ill equipped to bury fallen troops in a dignified manner, and death notifications sent to families were informal and happenstance, if they happened at all. Unmarked and hasty graves littered fields and farms near battlefields where hundreds of thousands of men struggled and died. Humanitarian ideas and the dignity of the human spirit were transformed in the crucible of war, and an emerging sense of responsibility for our war dead led to drastic shift in government obligations. 

Edmund Whitman, an Army officer and a quartermaster during the Civil war, led the effort. Whitman inspected cemeteries and battlefields across the south from 1865-1869, examined informal records, and conducted interviews to find out locations of fallen troops. He oversaw the regiment of over 100,000 Union soldiers. About 300,000 were reburied in 74 national cemeteries, which now fall under the purview of the National Park Service. As Dr. Faust noted, it was Whitman’s mission to put human faces and human cost to the war, and to recognize the sacrifices of so many of our own. His work helped to establish the notion that those who fell in battle are o be honored, and it’s our duty as citizens to remember and cherish that. It’s difficult to fathom the damage of the war. An estimated 600,000 soldiers from both sides were killed; if the war were fought today with the same casualty rate, six million would lay dead. But it’s also hard to imagine a time when the care of our slain troops was an afterthought—an annoyance to both troops in the field and folks in the halls of government. It’s now one of VA’s most sacred obligations, but it took a war of staggering magnitude for our nation to realize it had a duty to honor the dead as much as they honored us. For a video on VA’s Sacred Trust which covers many details of the National Cemetery Administration and its service to our nations Veterans plus how burials are conducted refer to

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81ESNHb9_YQ. To determine eligibility for burial refer to the attachment to

this Bulletin title, “National Cemetery Burial Eligibility” or http://www.cem.va.gov/CEM/pdf/IS1_Jan_2011.pdf.