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March/April 2014 Newsletter
Editor: Dennis O’Connell



Commander Carroll Prosser (SC)
Phone (843) 997-1981
Email: heypops43@gmail.com
Senior Vice Commander James Hogan (CA)
1st Junior Vice Commander (deceased 12/09/13) Stephen Moffitt (RI)
 2nd Junior Vice Commander William Burgess (FL)
3rd Vice Commander Rick Calissi (FL)
4th Junior Vice Commander Charles Brooks (FL)
Judge Advocate Dennis O’Connell (NY)

Chaplain Rev. Tony Martino (IL)
Phone 847 736 2111
email: deaconmartino@gmail.com

Adjutant/Treasurer Paul Kaminsky (FL) (also webmaster)
Phone 904 291-0576

Immediate Past Commander Richard Bugbee (AZ)

PLEASE, if you know of any member who is sick or deceased inform one of the officers whose contact information is listed above ASAPP.


Arnold Schrock, Kingsport, TN


Roger Burch, Salina, KS


I hope this message finds all of you and your families doing well. A special thought and prayer goes out to our immediate past commander Richard Bugbee. Hope you are improving with each day. I am sure all of you that have survived this most horrendous winter will be glad to see the weather turn into something just a little more tolerable. Once again our congresspersons and our senators have done exactly as always and decided to leave us swinging in the trees while they enjoy the partisan and self serving politics as usual. The failure of senate bill 1982 was a perfect example of pork barrel politics at it's finest. Hopefully one day they will come to realize that veterans do count and do something to help rather than hurt all veterans. This bill would have made it possible for veterans of all eras that need 24/7 care be able to receive this benefit.
I hope to see as many of you as possible attend the convention in August at Las Vegas. I am sure we will have a good convention and will be able to accomplish something for all blind and visually impaired veterans.
A great big thank you to each of you for what you are doing to help your fellow veterans and their families.



Beginning August 2014, we will no longer issue Social Security number printouts in our field offices. Any person who need proof of their Social Security number, and cannot find their card, will need to apply for a replacement card.

In addition, beginning October 2014, our field offices will stop providing benefit verification letters, except in emergency situations. Benefit verifications are available online, and can be obtained anytime by registering for a my Social Security account located at: www.socialsecurity.gov\myaccount, or requested through our national toll-free number: 1(800)772-1213.



I didn’t have room in the last issue for the following about Flloyd Britting. Dennis


Something else members may not know about Floyd. I think it is what most people call Deputy but Floyd was a retired Under Sheriff in Kansas. He was a Mason and very active in Demoly, their youth group for boys.

A very high percentage of the donations at the chapter breakfast were from Kansas because Floyd was very active with all DAV chapters in the state. Floyd also purchased all the BVNC caps that were given to members. He was a great spokesman for the Blind Chapter. Dan Holden

Floyd Britting, 94, passed away in mid September. Floyd emulated our motto, “Keeping The Promise” through his unwavering support as a long time volunteer at the Wichita VA, officer with the Kansas Regional Group, and advocating through modeling.

Sandy Alexander, former Wichita VIST, had this to say about Floyd. “He is a wonderful person who surely is rejoicing in the presence of his Lord and we look forward to the day we will see him again in heaven.

       Floyd has left a great mark upon the world and many have benefited from their having journeyed along the road with him, some for longer periods than others.

       He leaves a remarkable history of service to his fellow man, especially to those who share his challenges resulting from visual impairment.  He was a great inspiration to fellow blind veterans who realized they could do what he had done and could achieve what he was encouraging them to pursue.  He was a dedicated volunteer who was faithful to his post in good weather and bad and always had an encouraging word for a veteran who felt the world had come to an end.”

       Floyd was also a leader in the world of advocacy for the blind. 

“All who have known Floyd are better for their encounter.” Timothy Hornik




August 8 – 12, 2014

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

3645 Las Vegas Blvd South

Las Vegas, NV  89109

Telephone: 1.800.634.3434

$112 Single/Double


Typical Convention Schedule for Blind Chapter:

Friday, August 8, 2014

     9:00 AM First Business Session

     4:00 PM Second Business Session

     1 - 3 PM District Meetings

Saturday, August 9, 2014

     8:30 AM DAV Joint Opening Session

     1:00 PM DAV First Business Session

     2:45 PM Convention Committee Meetings 

     7:00 PM National Commander's Reception

Sunday, August 10, 2014

     9:00 AM DAV Second Business Session

     1 - 3 PM Seminars

     4 - 6 PM Commanders & Adjutants Association

     4 - 6 PM Chaplain's Seminar

     8 - 11 PM Fun Night

Monday, August 11, 2014

     8:00 AM Blind Chapter Installation Breakfast

     Followed By Blind Chapters Final Business Session

     TBA Special Joint Session

     1 - 4 PM Seminars

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

     9:00 AM DAV Third Business Session

     1:30 PM DAV Final Business Session

     6 - 11 PM Introduction of National Officers


Note: (Blind Chapter Delegates must attend all business Sessions and committee assignments)


Letters requesting nominations for Convention Delegates will be mailed out in late April.


DAV has been making historic strides in protecting the rights and needs of our Veterans for close to 100 years. From the creation of the forerunner to the Department of Veterans Affairs in the 1920s, to caring for the returning heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq, DAV has responded time and time again to the changing needs of veterans by ensuring that their voices are heard by our Congress. We invite all DAV members to join us in the spirit of service and fellowship at this year’s National Convention in Las Vegas.



        Socially Accepted and Recognized

        Safe travel - - - Makes you more independent

        Makes you more visible to cars and pedestrians

        Protection from injury or collisions

        Explore (preview) walking surfaces in front of you

        Help with Stairs, Curbs, and Depth Perception

        Regain mobility

        Gives you confidence

        Travel in most environments with formal Orientation & Mobility training

        Folding Canes are easily collapsed and stored when not in use

        People understand why you may ask for help in finding things

        Without training

        White Cane should only be used for identification purposes

        Formal training by an O & M Specialist is strongly recommended for safe independent travel